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Wow, a lot changes in a year! If you're here to see images of my life in 2002, then I'm afraid you're in the wrong place. (In fact, "My Place" below is actually my old place!) Providing a more up-to-date reflection of my life, with photos, is a priority for me as far as my web page goes, so please stop by again in a few weeks!

These are thumbnails. Click on any photo to see a larger version. Their size is typically around 90kB.

If you like any of these photos enough to want to print them, why not e-mail me and ask for the original versions? They have a much higher resolution (1152x824x24b) than these web versions, so they're much more suitable for printing. They also include all of the original metainformation, which is useful if you're a real digital photo nerd. =)

MikZ in America

My place

A view of my place from across the road. Mine's the light blue one. I would have preferred a different colour, but oh well.


Me in front of my place

Me in front of the front door. This is one of my favourite recent photos of myself.


Middle floor hall

My place has three floors. Even the bottom floor is a full flight of stairs up from the street. The stairs keep me fit.

This shows the general decor of the place. It's pretty different from...


My bedroom

... well, my old bedroom anyhow. I very recently moved into the master bedroom, which is twice the size, has a view of the Bay, and has an additional, smaller room. Unfortunately, the carpet is a light brown colour, not white like the room shown here. Brown doesn't go as well with purple and black, but it's worth it for the extra daylight!


Our living room

I have three housemates. One of them still needs to move in, and another one will be replaced next month. We have a lot of common areas, so we don't really get in each other's way.

This photo shows the nice stain glass window that we have. Thankfully the furniture in this photo is going away with one of my housemates—it's very uncomfortable!

This photo also shows the fact that we have a pretty extensive view. You can't really make it out in this photo, but through my window you can sort of see the Bay, and there's a pretty clear view of the other side. That's some 10km away.


Our back yard

Yes, we have a back yard. This photo was taken a while ago, and I expected the yard to look better by now. It still needs work. =)


Duboce Avenue and Castro Street

This is our nearest street corner. It shows the general architecture of the area. Actually, most of San Francisco looks like this—Victorian houses with bay windows, and really steep streets!


North-east view from Corona Heights

Corona Heights is a nearby hill. It takes about ten minutes to walk there, and looks right down on the Castro, the queer part of town. (What am I saying? This is San Francisco! The whole town is queer!) The corner of Castro and Market Streets does feature a rainbow flag that's the size of several parking spaces, though. None of this has anything to do with this photo, which shows the view towards the City.


South-west view from Corona Heights

I took this photo from the same point as the previous one. It shows the next hill down from Corona Heights: Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is the highest point in San Francisco County, and a popular tourist spot. During the summer, it gets totally blanketed in fog every afternoon.


A Sunset Shot from Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista Park is at the top of the hill that I live on. It's a very steep walk, but it only takes a few minutes, and the view is well worth it! This photo shows the Pacific Ocean in the distance.


The Black Rock Desert

Last summer, Ruth recently accompanied me to a course provided by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The purpose of the course was to learn how to create as small an impact as possible when we visit outdoor areas, ie: to leave no trace. The venue was close to the Black Rock Desert, in the Winnemucca area of Nevada.

I love the desert. This desert is particularly special to me, because it's the venue of Burning Man, my favourite annual event in America.

This photo shows Ruth and me towards the end of our overnight hike.


MikZ in Australia

These are general photos of me in Australia in the Summer of 2001.

Me on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The name says it all. It was a windy day, but it's another one of my favourite recent photos of me.


Camperdown Cemetery

I took various shots of places in Sydney. This is one of my favourites.


Magpie Nesting Area

I took this one because nobody in America believes that signs like this exist. It was taken in Green Ban Park, on the side of Erskineville Road in Newtown. In case you're wondering, that's the Bankstown via Regents Park railway line in the background.


End of Millennium Party

One of the main reasons I went back to Australia was for the End of Millennium Party party in Melbourne. Fabian, this guy I know, throws the most extravagant parties I've ever seen, so I knew that his end-of-millennium party would be worth travelling 20,000km for. The theme was "Dante's Inferno", and he arranged space for it at the local primary school (grades 3 to 6). The principal was apparently really interested in what he intended to do, so he let him do it.

With the help of a dozen volunteers, including me, he constructed four theme rooms. Heaven was painted white, decorated with angelic figures, and had marsh mellows and other mostly white lollies. Hell was dark, spooky, had red cellophane spinning around on the ceiling fans, was equipped with dungeon equipment, and was almost completely black save for some candles and red lights. Disco Inferno was simply the net ball courts converted into a dance space, with the expected amount of dance floor lighting, and lots and lots of lava lamps. My favourite room, however, was the demountable classroom near the back of the school, which contained The Garden of Earthly Delights. It had fountains and fans to cool the place, lots of ferns, shrubs, flowers and astroturf that made me feel like I really was in a garden, and the floor was filled with mattresses, creating about a dozen comfy spots.

Even more fun things were outside. I spent a day or two helping to construct the maze, which was over part of the playground. It included various cubby holes, towers and obstacles, including a flying fox over a long moat containing jelly, suds and foam. We planted people to startle the flying fox users, occasionally causing one to fall off and wallow in the moat for a while.

The centrepiece of the party was a four-metre tall concrete volcano, which was constructed over the period of several days on the cricket pitch. Thanks to the gas cylinders hidden inside, it smoked and muttered all night, and at midnight it erupted in the best private fireworks display that I've ever seen. Fabian invited the neighbourhood to the fireworks display, mostly because Council regulations require residents to be notified of nearby fireworks displays for safety reasons. The neighbours—mostly retirees—loved the fireworks, and were curious about the crowd of four or five hundred invited party guests. We were dressed as devils, christs and angels, vikings and space travellers ("he never said the end of which millennium!"), and various other costumes that displayed flesh and cleavage. The crowd was a cross-section of gamers and Goths, SCAers and BDSMers, and other creative/alternative people. Everybody dressed up—mundanes just wouldn't fit in.

I met a lot of people who I hadn't seen for years, and lots of fun, sexy, interesting, attractive new people. People laughed and danced and chatted and hugged and marvelled and showed off and got lost. So anyhow, here are a couple of photos...

Volcano Under Construction

Fabian really slaved for this one! That's him on top.


Garden of Earthly Delights

This was before the party. If I had taken it during the party, it would have shown people experiencing delightful decadence, and I probably would have had something thrown at me.


Me in the Moat

The moat was in the maze. I was on the 'phone with an old friend of mine, GRiPZ, when this photo was taken.

"Hey Grant", I said, "Guess where I am! I'm in a moat, in a maze, on the grounds of a primary school, in Melbourne!"

I don't think he believed me until he saw this photo.


Miscellaneous party people

I actually don't know any of these people, but these are the only ones that I feel is okay putting here without asking the people in them. I wish I had photos of some of the more creative costumes! Fabian?



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