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Mik's Months

The events of my life and the people and places around them.

"My strange childhood behaviour can be easily explained... I was training to become a strange adult"—unknown

Here is where you can find out about my life. My goal is to have my entire life journalised here, and on a month-by-month basis for the new millium. You could also think of this as a monthly summary of my more regular "LiveJournal".

Although this section is about me, you will also find out about some of the people and places that touch my life. I've checked in with these people to make sure they're okay with me referring to them the way I do, which is why in some cases I use pseudonyms and I never use surnames. As a further respect of privacy, these pages are encoded to prevent "spiders" (search engine robots) from finding them.

The paragraphs I've written are based on my views alone, and I hope that nobody is offended by them. My recent life story has no villains, though, so although I refuse to censor my opinions here, you'll find mostly nice references to people.

MikZ's LiveJournal

I update my LiveJournal several times per week [a couple of times per month, now that I'm not an LJ junkie], so it's the place to go if you want to find out what I've been up to in the last few days, sometimes in excruciating detail. Occasionally I write LiveJournal entries for a limited audience only, and you'll need to have a LiveJournal account and be on my "friends list" to be able to read those.

I encourage everybody to get a LiveJournal account, because it's a fun way to keep in touch with friends. Although it's a dot com, the LiveJournal people do not profit from people writing about their life, and there's no advertising. [Things change.] Getting a LiveJournal account is free and easy, and I'm more than happy to give you a code (required) if I already know you. To find out more about LiveJournal, click here.

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My Life

For an overview of my life, often with links to LiveJournal entries, you might like to read this.

The 1970s—my isolated but well-travelled infancy

I had intended to fill this gap, but I honestly don't think I ever will. But this time is covered by my life history.

November 2001—Falling in love, a trip to LA, and my last month of living in the City

December 2001—the move from hell but the best silly season ever

January 2002—crime, international connections and deep thought

February 2002—an uneventful month

March 2002—interesting parties, but still pretty uneventful

April 2002—some very positive life-altering events

May 2002—earthquakes and disappearances but good news too

Okay, so that didn't last long. But from that point forward you can see my LiveJournal calendar.


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Mik Scheper, 28 November 2008
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