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February 2002

an uneventful month

Best thing that happened
Got to know and love Hope even more (but that happens every month!)
Worst thing that happened
My Spanish classes got stuffed around (not so bad)

Generally Uneventful

By the end of this month I was telling everybody that it had been very uneventful, but that I appreciated that. I enjoy having a busy, interesting and occasionally challenging life, but it's good to have a boring month every now and then.

Stopped Spanish classes

I stopped doing my Spanish classes at the end of the month. I found they fairly enjoyable, but I realised that there were better things that I wanted to do with the time and money. I did buy some Spanish language tapes, so I intend to keep up with what little I've learnt, and maybe go to Spain some time later this year to get more practice. I ended up being the only one in my class this month, anyhow—my sole classmate from last month just stopped coming.

Arranged bedroom warming

Although my bedroom was much more organised than it was in December, a month after I moved in, I was frustrated that I hadn't made time to do things like wire in all the crazy lights I like to have (I'm an X10 fanatic) or put lots of photos on the wall. I decided that if I had a bedroom warming party next month, it would give me incentive to finish it all up before too long. I chose the guest list carefully... I invited several of my sweeties, and a handful of other people that I thought I'd enjoy being in such a romp with. And if it ended up being just a small party with lots of close friends and really good energy, I'd be just as happy... my bedroom could use some more of that kind of energy.

New people

This month's Sheets party was close to ending when I met a woman named velvetandsatin there. (Briana introduced her to me, and said we'd do well to get together, but unfortunately it was too close to the end of the party to instigate anything.) The thing that makes Velvetandsatin different from anyone else I've spent time with in the last few years is that she's only 20. In many ways she's pretty mature for a 20-year-old—I met her at Sheets, after all, and she seems perfectly comfortable there. As I got to know her, though, I found many of the things she said and did that were so, well, so 20! Still, they reminded me of when I was an adolescent, so they were charming in a way, and I intend to bear with them.

This year's Pantheacon was in San Jose. This was bad news for the Rabbits, whose cloak check was far less successful than it was last year, when it was in the City and nobody could afford a room to themselves. Anyhow, I met a guy there named Blossom. He's the first guy I've met in a very long time who I'm attracted to, apart from the occasional guy I end up seeing when I end up in relationships with their primary partners, like Sinboy. I'm really excited about dating him next month.

I also ended up the long-awaited date with Anna, who I met at the Yule ritual I went to in December. I find her really attractive, and our date went pretty well. She's also the kind of person with a crazy, busy life, so we'll probably only get to see each other every month or so, but I think that will suit us fine.

So this wasn't a very exciting month, but like I said, I enjoyed that for a change.

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Mik Scheper, 2 March 2002
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