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MikZ's Taste in Film

I spend way more hours in cinemas and watching DVDs than I do in front of live television. While I definitely feel more enriched by arthouse and foreign film, I give credit when it's due to more mainstream productions. This list spans both.

MikZ's Twenty Favourite Films

  1. Love and Other Catastrophes (1997)—A most enjoyable film with quite a good account of uni student life. This film inspired this web page.

  2. Children of the Revolution (1996)—How can a film that starts out so silly end up being so dramatic?

  3. Dogma (1999)—Other favourite Kevin Smith films: Clerks, Jersey Girl, Chasing Amy

  4. Kinsey (2004)—The life story of a man whose attitudes to sexuality were quite ahead of his time.

  5. V for Vendetta (2005)—Brilliant British sci-fi political thriller.

  6. High Fidelity (2000)—Explore's a music buff's history of relationship insecurities.

  7. Blues Brothers (1980)—Great music, lots of fun, and includes the most expensive car chase scene of its time!

  8. Milk (2008)—Tells what's probably the most important story in my San Francisco neighbourhood.

  9. Malcom (1986)—I love Melbourne, and I love gadgets, so I love this film.

  10. The Paper (1994)—Charming American film that reflects a lot of my feelings about mass media.

  11. Go (1999)—Kinda like a watered down Pulp Fiction, except I could relate to the characters a lot more, and nobody gets killed! =)

  12. Antonia's Line (1995)—A Dutch 'feminist fairy tale' about a number of generations in a family of independent women.

  13. Sneakers (1992)—Fun geek thriller set in the Bay Area. A little cheesy but most enjoyable.

  14. Best in Show (2000)—Hilarious film about somewhat fucked up people and their dogs.

  15. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)—A twisted British comedy thriller.

  16. Sirens (1994)—Tells the story of one of my girlfriend's heros, with gratuitous beautiful naked curvy women and even more gratuitous nature footage.

  17. Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)—A story set around what's possibly the most shameful part of Australian history.

  18. Kiss or Kill (1997)—Since it's a road movie and the backdrop is South Australia's deserts, I've never enjoyed a thriller as much as I enjoyed this.

  19. Pi: Faith in Chaos (1998)—Cult geek classic. Left me saying 'WTF', but running out to buy the soundtrack.

  20. The Sum of Us (1995)—A rather dated but still powerful LGBT comedy, which said much of I wanted to say to the world while I was coming out of the closet.


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Mik Scheper, 7 December 2008
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