Threat of the Week.

Note that all the members of our group are male, which explains why some of these things are particularly threatening (or possible for that matter).

This week's threat

Removal of gonads via nasal passage.

Previous weeks' threats

Autumn 1997

Week A1

Defenistrate -- somebody will stick the Macquarie dictionary definition in here soon.

Week A2

So, you want to participate in hamster runnning do you? ...

Week A3

You may not pork sheep now, but come next week we'll see whose smurking miladdo.

Week A4

We have to kill you now. -- after seeing a Fat Cat suit in Mr X's wardrobe.

Week A5

... or we'll hack the America Online technical support page to include your e-mail address.

Week A6

... or I'll tell Danger Mouse that you didn't!

Week A7

... or we'll force you to listen to 2DAY FM all day!

Week A8

... or we'll put an exploding eggplant in front of your bare genitals!

Week A9

... or we'll make you the star of the remake of The Life of Brian, but use real nails!

Week A10

... or we'll make you the proctor on the first day of next semester!

Week A11

... or we'll decorate you with a Prince Albert and hang you from it!

Week A12

... or we'll stick a chilli into your urethra -- blame Steve if the spelling is wrong.

Week A13

We'll send your CV to Microsoft.

Week A14

We'll make you use Windows '95 using punch cards.

Spring 1997

Week S1

... or your foreskin will be wrapped around your earlobe

Week S2

Genitorture -- a concatination of the two root words "genital" and "torture". You can figure out the rest. It has nothing to do with the band.

Week S3

Cathiterisation - replacement of your bladder with a crude plastic bag.

Week S4

... or we'll send you nude pictures of Pauline Hanson!

Week S5

... or we'll get Kim Beazley to do something unspeakable with a large iron bar.

Exam Period

We will make you take part in mutual masterbation with David.

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