Bots Software Engineering Project

Reference Links

These are links to other sites that you may find entertaining, or perhaps even useful. More links to do with genetic programming are contained on the brain component page.

A number of links from the CMU AI Repository

Without doubt, this is the best AI resource we have ever come across.

  • The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To Evolutionary Computation, which is really the Genetic Algorithms FAQ

  • The Neural Network FAQ

  • The Genetic Programming FAQ, alas badly out of date.

  • John Koza's home page. John Koza is the author of Genetic Programming and Genetic programming II, both seminal texts in the area of Genetic Programming. He has also written some very important papers on the subject.

  • Other Links

    As an awful lot of example artificial intelligence code is in Common LISP, I have included a link to the Yahoo Lisp page, here.

    A futher sorce of infomation is the GP notebook.

    Getting away from Artificial Intelligence for a moment...

    RoboRally is a game that we play when we want to deal with bot simulation of a different kind. It might even give us some ideas for the project. (Here are some pictures of other people playing it.)

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