Bots Software Engineering Project


Warning: The contents of this section of the BOTS Project Home Page is far from professional. Many people would even consider it offensive.

The Bots Wall of Shame

This was Mark's idea. It apparantly contains some less than intelligent comments that have been made during group meetings. I have no idea how up-to-date it is, and I wouldn't let your kids read it.

Threat of the Week

This is a list of the threats we come up with every week. These threats are used to, um, encourage people to do what they promise, and to generally curse people like Allegro, the University stores department, and the people who use permanant textas on the white board. Please note that this page could be considered tasteless by some people.

Drink Run Table

This is a page we set up so we didn't have to try and find change for the coke machine every meeting.

Last edit: MikZ, 4/09/1997.

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